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15+15 webinar: One billion bottles

11 May 2023

One billion bottles - What can and should the shipping industry do to play it’s part in addressing marine plastic litter? Ship-based sources of plastics to the ocean are largely unknown but its estimated that they are significantly lower than plastics from mismanagement on land. This is particularly valid for commercial ships where regulation is simple – discharge of all plastics into the sea from ships is prohibited. Nonetheless at BIMCO we believe that shipping should play its part in the marine plastics story –we have the potential to be leaders in this area- removing and reducing unnecessary plastics on board as well as advocating for change in how plastic waste is managed on land.

15+15 webinar: BBNJ – the new ocean treaty: what does it mean for IMO and shipping?

03 May 2023

On 4 March, the text of a new international legally binding instrument on marine biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ) was agreed at the UN, following nearly two decades of discussions and negotiations. Fredrik Haag, Head of the Office for the London Convention/Protocol and Ocean Affairs at the IMO will touch upon the new ocean treaty and explain the impact on both the IMO and the entire shipping industry.

Holiday Calendar Supplement now available

26 January 2022

The BIMCO Holiday Calendar 2022 Supplement contains information on local holidays in Spain and the Indian Charter Party Holidays as collected in collaboration with local partners.

Industry Releasable Threat Assessment

02 September 2019

This document provides updated information on threats affecting merchant ships in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden (GoA), Gulf of Oman (GoO) and the Western Indian Ocean.

South Atlantic

07 January 2020

Types of ice and ice conditions in the South Atlantic Ocean.