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EU Naval Force Somalia - Operation Atalanta - Press Release

09 September 2015

At a breakfast meeting earlier today with senior shipping industry representatives, the EU Naval Force Operation Commander, Major General Martin Smith MBE, stated that whilst Somali-based piracy in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden is suppressed, there is no room for complacency regarding the ongoing threat.

Podcast about the campaign against single use plastics

03 August 2022

Reducing the amount of plastic litter in the oceans is a shared responsibility and requires a collective effort. By taking steps to reduce single-use plastics onboard ships, the shipping industry can contribute to addressing the global plastic litter problem.

BIMCO calls for plan to minimize plastic waste entering the ocean

11 October 2018

BIMCO is calling for an action plan to ensure that adequate facilities for plastic waste disposal and processing for recycling are available ashore, as such facilities are a prerequisite for preventing plastic from entering the ocean when delivered to port reception facilities by the ships.