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Revision underway of SYNACOMEX grain charter

03 November 2022

A BIMCO committee started work this week to review SYNACOMEX, the popular grain voyage charter party published by The French Union for Grains and Seeds Trade (Syndicat National du Commerce Extérieur des grains et graines oléagineuses – SYNACOMEX). SYNACOMEX and Armateurs de France (ADF) are joint copyright holders of the form.

The Polar Code

21 December 2022

Introduction of the Polar Code with a summary explanation of each of the chapters, including submissions made by relevant stakeholders regarding enforcement of the Code. Also providing easy reference regarding the application requirements of the Polar Code by each Arctic state.

IMDG Code Amendment 39-18, 2018 Edition

04 May 2021

Providing the significant changes under the Amendment 39-18, 2018 edition to the IMDG Code. Note that the IMDG Code, Amendment 39-18, 2018 edition, published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is mandatory from 1 January 2020 and applicable for two years until the next edition of the IMDG Code becomes mandatory from 2022.

Baltic ice code

03 January 2020

Providing an explanation of how the four-digit Baltic Ice Code is interpreted.