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Hull coatings fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction

15 September 2021

BIMCO's Ashok Srinivasan will be speaking about the link between advanced hull coatings, fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction for vessels of different types, trading patterns and operating speeds over the lifetime of the vessel. In particular, he will be speaking about the industry standard for in-water cleaning with capture.

BIMCO demands 4th IMO GHG Study based on realistic economic growth

13 February 2019

BIMCO has proposed that the Fourth International Maritime Organization (IMO) Greenhouse Gas Study does not include unrealistically high gross domestic product (GDP) growth projections to predict future transport demand - and thereby emissions - of the shipping industry. The proposal has been made to the expert workshop preparing for the study, which is meeting in London 12-14 March.

ISO issue letter of conformity ahead of 2020 sulphur cap

18 July 2018

The 2020 0.50% sulphur limit for fuel oil used outside emission control areas will undoubtedly create operational issues for crews onboard ships. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has now issued a letter in this regard rebutting these claims.

Shipping industry united in seeking further progress on CO2 at critical IMO meeting

19 October 2016

In advance of next week’s critical meeting of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 70) at the IMO in London, the global shipping industry has called on IMO Member States to give serious consideration to a joint industry submission regarding the need for further progress on addressing the sector’s CO2 emissions.

IMO expects 77% drop in overall SOx emissions from ships

09 March 2020

The Chairpersons of the Round Table of international shipping associations (RT) met in Rome in February to exchange their members’ experiences with the implementation of IMO’s 2020 global sulphur regulations.

Shipping industry comments on EP vote on regional CO2 measures

28 April 2015

Following today’s vote in the European Parliament, adopting a regional EU Regulation on the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of individual ship emissions of CO2, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), BIMCO and Intercargo have issued the following statement...