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Introduction to Biofouling

23 January 2018

Biofouling is the accumulation of various aquatic organisms (microorganisms, plants, algae and animals) on submerged objects like ships’ hulls and can lead to the introduction of invasive aquatic species (IAS) into local marine environments.

Shipping industry needs to talk market-based measures

02 March 2021

BIMCO would like to encourage states and the industry to start a dialogue on how to create a global ruleset for market-based measures (MBM) to support the use of low carbon fuels and to create a level playing field for the industry.

BIMCO's EEXI/CII and ETS Clauses imminent

17 November 2021

In a little over a year from now, new legislation from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will come into force. It aims to reduce CO 2 emissions and will change the way ships are operated. From 1 January 2023, owners and charterers will therefore have to cooperate to comply with the new regulation.