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Tonne-miles from US coal exports halved over 3 years

21 December 2016

Since Q1 2013, the significance of US coal exports has seen a considerable setback, with 2016 achieving the same levels as 2009. This is due to the long-haul routes carrying coking coal from the US East Coast and US Gulf Coast to East Asia not operating to the same extent and the EU is demanding less thermal coal. 

Dry Bulk Shipping - All eyes on Brazilian iron ore exports, as we await the long-anticipated lift in freight rates

15 August 2014

The freight market, which performed so well in Q1, has certainly not delivered in the past 4 months. BDI has dropped from 1,621 on 20 March to hit 747 on 29 July. Panamax ships have not been above USD 10,000 per day since 20 February, and below USD 5,000 per day for most of June and July. BIMCO expected challenging market conditions, also for Panamaxes, but rates below USD 5,000 per day were an unpleasant and unexpectedly low level.