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New emissions-strategy adopted at IMO

13 April 2018

BIMCO is very satisfied with the Green House Gas (GHG) strategy adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) at the Marine Environment Protection Committee on April 13. The strategy outlines a target to reduce GHG emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 while pursuing efforts towards phasing them out.

Tanker market report 1 April 2022

06 April 2022

The combination of high oil prices and the need to find alternatives to Russian crude has led to renewed interest in North Sea oil from politicians and industry alike. Previously, many had written off the North Sea’s future as a major producing region given declining UK output due to rising costs, decarbonisation pressure and low oil prices during the pandemic. The weekly tanker market report by Gibson Shipbrokers - features an overview of the crude oil and oil product tanker market.

BIMCO applauds new IMO emissions-strategy

13 April 2018

“The IMO has done something no one has done before: set an absolute target for emission reductions for an entire industry. It is a landmark achievement in the effort to reduce emissions, and something that every other industry should look to for inspiration,” says Lars Robert Pedersen, BIMCO Deputy Secretary General and delegate at the IMO meeting.

BIMCO publishes updated greenhouse gas position statement

20 April 2022

The Board of Directors of BIMCO has approved the organisation’s updated greenhouse gas (GHG) position statement, elaborating on who it believes should pay for carbon pricing and warning that excessive retroactive measures could have negative unintended consequences.

With CII now in force, should my T/C mention CII?

06 January 2023

MARPOL Annex VI, regulations 26 & 28 incorporates requirements on ships of 5000 GT and above of certain types to amend their Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMP) with a new mandatory part III, and to calculate their “required annual operational CII” and their “attained CII” for each year starting 1 January 2023.

Share of ships with scrubbers seen rising despite 24% fall in fittings in 2022

15 March 2023

Scrubbers were installed on 399 ships in 2022, a fall of 24% y/y, and currently 13% of bulker, container, and tanker ships have a scrubber installed. Despite the slowing rate of installations, the share of ships with a scrubber is set to increase in coming years as 17% of ships in the shipyards’ order books are expected to have a scrubber installed.