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BIMCO force majeure clause under way

04 September 2020

With an increasing focus on force majeure due to the COVID-19 outbreak, BIMCO has gathered a drafting team to develop a free-standing force majeure clause for use in a variety of contracts.

Upcoming Contracts and Clauses

24 November 2021

Using feedback and experience from members and the industry, BIMCO keeps all its clauses and contracts under review. Currently, we are working on the following updates or new projects.

Contract Authenticity Clause

22 October 2020

The purpose of the BIMCO Contract Authenticity Clause is to encourage parties issuing contracts based on a BIMCO form to agree to use one obtained from an authorised source (such as SmartCon).

Dispute Resolution Clause 2017

17 October 2016

This is the 2017 edition of the Dispute Resolution Clause. The clause has been developed to re-introduce of the LMAA Intermediate Claims Procedure.