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New Bauxite circular out warning on new hazard of bauxite cargoes in bulk

22 September 2017

A new Bauxite circular warning about a new hazard of these cargoes relating to moisture has been issued by the IMO following the meeting held by its Sub-committee on the Carriage of Cargoes and Containers (CCC) last week. This new IMO bauxite circular supersedes CCC.1/Circ.2 and issues new guidance on the carriage of bauxite cargoes.

CTUs- Pest Contamination Guidance

29 June 2022

BIMCO providing information and guidance on how pest contamination can be contained for Cargo Transport Units ( CTUs) now that it is included as part of the inspection to be carried out by Member Government States in their container inspection regime.

Container fleet growth up 11.6% from June 2019, catching up with transport demand

18 August 2022

Initially, the COVID-19 pandemic and mobility restrictions across the world led to much lower transport demand in the container sector. In the 3rd quarter of 2020, however, demand jumped as consumers converted spending on services to higher spending on goods. Freight and time charter rates have since reached historically high levels as congestion has increased the strain on supply. Now, the size of the container fleet has, however, caught up with transport demand.