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Basic features LINEWAYBILL 2016 is the latest edition of LINEWAYBILL, first published in 1997, and provides a mechanism whereby it can also be used as a through transport document. This is consistent with CONLINEBILL and, as commercial practice shows, although mainly designed for port-to-port shipme... Please follow the link to continue reading.

BIMCO COVID 19 weekly report dated 28 January 2022

This BIMCO COVID 19 weekly report for the week ending 28 January covers the World Health Organization (WHO), Bangladesh, Brazil, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Oman, Philippines, Togo, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the latest from the International Maritime Organization (IMO)... Please follow the link to continue reading.

FuelEU Maritime

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In the offshore windfarm sector, installation and support functions are entirely reliant on the use of specialised vessels ranging from jack-ups to small, high-speed passenger craft. Up until the publication of WINDTIME, offshore wind farm developers have contracted the services of these vessels usi... Please follow the link to continue reading.

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Introduction General background Special observations Part I Index Part II Clause 1 - Period of Charter Party and Delivery Clause 2 - Owners' Undertaking Clause 3 - Trading Limits Clause 4 - Permitted Cargoes Clause 5 - Owners' Obligations Clause 6 - Charterers' Obligat... Please follow the link to continue reading.