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Wildlife taskforce alert

02 July 2018

Please find attached the 1 July 2018 United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Alert, concerning “seashells a common misdeclaration tactic related to illicit ivory and pangolin shipments".

New bunker alert service available for BIMCO members

21 April 2020

Bunker fuel is a key element in the running of ships, and problems related to bunkers can massively impact daily operations. Information about bunker quality issues is of high value and BIMCO has therefore entered into a new cooperation with Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) who publishes regular Bunker Alerts based entirely on fuel samples.

Wildlife taskforce alert

10 April 2018

Please find attached the 1 April 2018 United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Alert, concerning “Unclaimed, lost, or abandoned baggage and cargo a common indicator of wildlife trafficking activity."

Wildlife taskforce alert

01 September 2017

Please find attached the 1 September 2017 United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Alert, concerning “Repeat Offenders: Individual wildlife traffickers making multiple attempts to smuggle illegal wildlife products".

Fuel switching – safety alert

30 July 2009

In 2009, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) issued a safety alert highlighting the possible hazards arising from switching from residual fuel oils to distillate fuel oils in order to reduce emissions.

Prevention of wildlife smuggling by sea

31 July 2017

As one of the Buckingham Palace Declaration Signatories, BIMCO is keen to share the United for Wildlife Taskforce Alerts. These are advisories for issues of high concern related to wildlife trafficking and the transport sector, and are a core output of the Taskforce Information Sharing System.

Yemen port advisory

14 June 2018

To all BIMCO members operating ships in the vicinity of Hudaydah port please note the latest US Maritime Advisory