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Security and data protection are an integral part the shipping KPI system. Here's an overview of data protection and privacy in the Shipping KPIs system.

Data protection & privacy

The Shipping KPI system requires a registered account to access different functions and is available to ship managers and shipowners. User accounts will be protected by individual account login requirements. In order to guarantee high quality data, anonymous user registrations will no longer be valid and if you want to continue, you will need to have your account verified by BIMCO.

In the Shipping KPI System, “accounts” represent companies, ie shipowners, ship managers or other maritime related corporations. An account has a representative that manages the account for the whole company in the Shipping KPI System and:

  • each user belongs to just one account
  • ship-related data is stored by account (the so called owning account)
  • individual ship data can only be accessed by users of the owning account
  • each account has at least one account manager as a central point of contact.
In general, the individual ship data of an account is only available to the account owner and other users within the same account. This ensures that users outside of that organisation cannot access the individual ship data. Security and data protection are an integral part the shipping KPI system and there are many technical measures implemented to ensure the safety and security for both Shipping KPI users and the system itself. BIMCO will continue to work with the community and other experts to make the Shipping KPI System as safe as possible by applying all available upgrades to the software and system. 


Monthly random shipping KPI – KPI029

KPI029: Security deficiencies

This KPI shows the ship manager’s security performance - measured by the number of deficiencies recorded during external inspections and audits. The KPI counts the number of security-related deficiencies including any sub-standard act, practice or condition (such as lack of compliance to the ISPS code) recorded during external inspections and audits. The number of deficiencies is then relative to the total number of external inspections and audits. KPI029 is measured in 'deficiencies/inspection'.

KPI029 value calculation example

 A  Number of security related deficiencies:  = 3
 B  Number of recorded external inspections:  = 2
 KPI Value   Security deficiencies  = A/B = 3/2 = 1.5

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About BIMCO's Shipping KPI System

  • It has 64 different indicators
  • Provides an accurate comparison of ships
  • Has anonymised data
  • Boosts performance improvements
  • Ship/fleet/industry benchmarking
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