Shipping KPIs monthly news September 2017


This month, Shipping KPIs news covers data entry and guides you on how to upload data to Shipping KPIs database by using CSV (Comma Separated Values) files.

About Shipping KPIs – Data entry

At the moment, the Shipping KPI offers two ways of importing data - uploading with a CSV (comma separated values) file format or entering ship information manually.

Importing a CSV file is done by accessing the Import section in “My Ships” but manually adding ship information must be done in the My Ships page.

Using a CSV file format is convenient for uploading a lot of ship data from one quarter of the year. However currently, the Shipping KPI only supports two specific formats of CSV – one row per ship and one column per ship.

The CSV can be easily created using Excel. This section is a short guide on creating the file and uploading it into the Shipping KPIs database.

  1. CSV (one row per ship) - The first header lists the key data (PI001, KPI007, etc) to be exported. The second header contains the full description of the data item. Each row following contains the data of a single ship.

2. CSV (one column per ship) - This time the data is in columns. The first header column contains the key data and the second header column contains the description of the data item. Each row following contains the data of a single ship.

The header should be readable such as - META data is META001 to META023 and for PIs - PI001 to PI064. After inputting relevant information, click File -> Save As -> CSV.

For uploading the file to Shipping KPIs database - go to the Import section of My Ships

Monthly random shipping KPI – KPI032

KPI032: Ship availability

This KPI expresses the company’s ability to minimise unplanned unavailability. The KPI calculates the ship utilisation as a percentage of the total utilisation of time available. KPI032 is measured in '%'.

KPI032 Value calculation example

A  Actual unavailability  = 23
B  Planned unavailability  = 18
KPI Value  Ship availability  

For more information

Please email any comments and questions to Peter Lundahl Rasmussen:

About BIMCO's Shipping KPI System

  • It has 64 different indicators
  • Provides an accurate comparison of ships
  • Has anonymised data
  • Boosts performance improvements
  • Ship/fleet/industry benchmarking


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