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November 2019

BIMCO co-sponsors IMO-proposal to revise guidelines on places of refuge

Together with EU countries and industry organisations – BIMCO has co-sponsored a revision on the guidelines on place of refuge for ships in need of assistance to include, among other things, guidelines for situations with more than one nation-state and recommendations for designation of a national competent authority.

June 2019

IMO starts work to identify Autonomous Ships regulation

The IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) considered the ongoing scoping exercise to identify affected IMO regulations by Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) at its 101st session in which the Maritime Technology & Regulation and Security departments represented BIMCO.

IMO issues fuel oil safety recommendations ahead of 2020

The 101st session of the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 101) has held initial discussions in London on how to address the safety of ships when using fuel oil.

May 2019

Dangers of entry into enclosed spaces for solid bulk cargoes

Accidents including fatalities continue to occur in the cargo holds and adjacent spaces of ships carrying solid bulk cargoes and this is a timely reminder to members about the dangers of entry into enclosed spaces. 

April 2019

Cyber risk and autonomous ships

BIMCO has submitted four papers to the Maritime Safety Committee. The papers discuss how autonomous ships should be tried before they are allowed to operate, and that cyber risk management should be part of the ship’s Safety Management System.

EU ship recycling rules look like protectionism

Only nine shipyards, out of 26, on the EU list of approved recycling facilities are realistically open for ship recycling, and only three of the 26 could recycle a large ship (Panamax size or larger), a study commissioned by BIMCO shows. 

BIMCO advices members to check GPS systems before 6 April

On 6 April 2019, the maritime GPS-SPS system will undergo a week counter roll over which may affect some GPS receivers.

February 2019

IMO Committee finalises guide for equipment used in Polar waters

A sub-committee under the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has finished work on a standard that can guide manufacturers of equipment that will be used in extremely cold weather, offering reassurance to shipowners operating in Polar waters that the equipment will work under the harsh conditions.

January 2019

IMO moves closer to standardisation and safer navigation

A sub-committee under the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have forwarded three documents for adoption in June, moving one step closer to the adoption of a standardised system for electronic navigation.

December 2018

EU-flagged newbuildings to carry IHM

Starting 31 December 2018, EU-flagged newbuildings must carry out an inventory of hazardous materials on board and carry relevant certification.

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BIMCO’s news on safety is primarily related to regulation and IMO-work to improve safety on ships. Example topics includes fuel safety, dangerous cargoes, entry into closed spaces and fire.