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January 2018

BIMCO launches new innovative contract editing solution

BIMCO has launched an innovative and revolutionary new solution for editing contracts called SmartCon. It makes contractual work easier and more secure.

BIMCO launches new innovative contract editing solution

BIMCO has taken a big step forward and launched an innovative new solution for editing contracts.

December 2017

BIMCO and CIRM propose software maintenance standard for shipping

BIMCO and the international association for the marine electronics industry, CIRM (Comité International Radio-Maritime), have sent the industry’s first proposal for an industry-wide standard for software maintenance to the IMO for consideration. Without an industry-standard, BIMCO sees an increasing risk of severe incidents on ships, delays and costs to shipowners and cyber security problems.

New BARECON 2017 calculates future trends

BIMCO has published a new edition of BARECON, the industry’s go-to standard contract for bareboat chartering.

BIMCO CEO extends contract 5 years

BIMCO’s Secretary General & CEO, Angus Frew, will extend his contract to the end of 2022. His top priority in 2018 will be environmental legislation. Over the past four years, Frew has been instrumental in modernising BIMCO and in increasing its member-focus.

BIMCO and FONASBA launch new general agency agreement

BIMCO and FONASBA, the worldwide organisation representing shipbrokers and ship agents, have once again joined forces to create and launch a new general agency agreement for port agents, shipowners and ship operators contracting port agency services.

November 2017

BIMCO and the UN World Food Programme issues modernised charter party

BIMCO has together with the UN World Food Programme (WFP), updated and modernised the WORLDFOOD voyage charter party used by the UN organisation to transport food to emergency areas around the world. The aim was to create a contract that made WFP’s work easier and faster.

Tripartite Shipbuilding Forum agrees on major industry goals

Carbon emissions, safety and cyber security were at the top of the agenda at the annual Tripartite Shipbuilding Forum which attracted more than 100 delegates.

BIMCO website wins “Best information Experience” award

BIMCO celebrates in London at the User Experience UK Awards.

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