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I want to use electronic bills of lading – how do I get started?

Published: 12 May 2023

You first need to decide which eBL solution provider you want to use. If you are an owner, the process could start with a charterer asking you to use their chosen platform. Or you can simply sign up to use a solution that you think will best meet your business needs.

There are currently nine eBL systems that have been approved by the member clubs of the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG). The endorsement of the IG Clubs means that they have reviewed the terms of use for each of these systems and have stated that issuing electronic bills of lading using these systems will not prejudice P&I cover – essentially that the electronic bill of lading will be treated in exactly the same way as its paper equivalent for P&I purposes.

You may also wish to add BIMCO’s Electronic Bill of Lading Clause to your charter parties giving charterers permission to use electronic bills of lading if they so choose.

Here are links to the nine “approved” electronic bill of lading systems. There are other eBL solutions available. You should speak to your P&I Club representative if you want to use one of those other solutions.

Grant Hunter


Grant Hunter

Director of Standards, Innovation and Research

London, United Kingdom