No turning back

The shipping industry is estimated to be responsible for around 3% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Work towards decarbonisation is underway and the challenge is immense. Finding solutions – from fuels to technology – to facilitate one of the biggest transitions ever faced by the maritime industry must be a priority. There is lots being done and there is still so much more to do. There is no turning back.

Ships make the world go

Without shipping, life would be different. We would have limited access to a lot of the food we consume, pharmaceuticals, clothes and consumer goods, as around 90 percent of world trade is transported by ship. Around 1.7 million seafarers make it possible every day. Because of them, and the over 61,000 ships we are served by, we do not run out of what we need.

Seafarers deserve support

Over 90% of world trade is carried by ship, and around 1.7 million seafarers work to facilitate the way we live, making sure we get everything we need in our daily lives. They too deserve to go home safely after work. Governments need to recognise the important role that seafarers play in society. What if it all stopped? Seafarers Deserve Support

BBC World Business Report - the problems affecting global supply chains

Listen to a recording of the BBC programme first broadcast on 14 October. BIMCO's chief shipping analyst Peter Sand gives his assessment of how best to tackle the pressure on global supply chains.

Go to 4:40 through to 9:29 for the part dealing with this subject.

S&P Global Platts & BIMCO Webinar: Game changers in Atlantic Basin tanker seascape

Watch a recording of the webinar held on 14 October BIMCO's Peter Sand took part.

BIMCO's Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand took part in Yahoo Finance's live panel to discuss the supply chain crisis

Peter Sand: "We are basically seeing a global all but breakdown of the supply chains from end to end. But where we do see the most strained part of this is in hinterland connectivity. So from a container liner perspective, they are basically transporting more cargo than ever before... "

"...there are 50 container ships just waiting to offload their cargo off the coast of California. So I guess that is also proof to the point that it's the hinterland connectivity, which is mostly hurt at the moment."

BIMCO's Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand took part in The Real Story debate on BBC World Service

Empty shelves and clogged ports - what's behind the supply crisis?

BIMCO's Peter Sand took part in this BBC podcast and radio programme which looked at disruptions in international supply chains


Navigating the global shipping crisis - debate on Trade Australia Show

BIMCO's Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand took part in a debate on Australian TV.  He explains how the shipping crisis could be improved and how long it might take.

Shipping Markets Checkpoint Series 3-1

Watch BIMCO's Shipping Markets Checkpoint - Series 3 Episode 1 with Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand and special expert guests.

Shipping Market Overview and Outlook Q3 2021

Watch BIMCO's Shipping Market Overview and Outlook for Q3 2021. 

Webinar about Infectious or Contagious Diseases Clauses

Watch a recording of the webinar held on 14 September hosted by 4 Pump Court. BIMCO's Nina Stuhrmann discusses the new clauses which will soon be published.

BIMCO's Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand participated in the Xeneta State of the Market Ocean Freight Rate Webinar

BIMCO's Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand participated in the Xeneta State of the Market Ocean Freight Rate Webinar. He discussed the container market outlook in 2021 and was joined by Thorsten Diephaus, the Director of Strategic Accounts at Xeneta

The Doorstep, Episode 23: How shipping can help re-energise globalisation, with BIMCO's Peter Sand

BIMCO's Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand joins Carnegie Council Senior Fellows Nick Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin to discuss how the effects of the pandemic on shipping--container shortages, port congestion, demand outstripping supply (from ketchup to semiconductors)--are creating an opportunity for world leaders to re-embrace globalisation. Can the Infrastructure Bill proposed by President Biden promote U.S. competitiveness in global trade or will geopolitics and China get in the way?

Reuters Webinar – Are tankers on the road to recovery?

Peter Sand, BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst, participated in a Reuters webinar that looked back over the tanker shipping market in the first half of this year and looked forward with the outlook for the rest of the year. The experts also discussed themes such as OPEC+ cuts, the uneven recovery in oil demand and the impact of sanctions on the tanker market.

The Loadstar Podcast July 2021

BIMCO's Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand was a guest In the fourth episode of The Loadstar Podcast and gave an in-depth examination of freight rates and the demand and supply outlook for container shipping.


Secretary General David Loosley on his first year in BIMCO

BIMCO's Secretary General and CEO, David Loosley, reflects on his first year in the job, a period marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the wellbeing of seafarers. Insights into the unprecedented things in the market

BIMCO's Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand participated in the Ocean Freight Podcast, where he provided insights into the unprecedented things in the market. Together with the host Sebastian Wrobel, they discussed various themes such as the supply and demand of the market, the South China situation, and the tensions between the Liners, BCO's and Freight Forwarders.

IAPH World Ports Conference June 2021: What Crisis Next session

BIMCO President, Sabrina Chao of Wah Kwong, has attended the What Crisis Next? Lessons learned from COVID-19” session at the June IAPH21 World Ports Conference. Sabrina Chao spoke about the need for industry collaboration in the face of the pandemic and crew change crisis. The president also spoke about the need for the shipping industry to look to other industries for inspiration, as well as the need to make the public and decisionmakers aware of the crucial role that shipping plays in society.

Peter Sand on Yantian and other disruptions

BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand spoke at CGTN about the Covid-19 related disruption in the port of Yantian and how this is a developing story in the container shipping industry. He also provided insights into BIMCO’s perspective on the situation as well giving out details on how this could play out in the coming 12 months.

Radio Newsday: Current disruptions in container shipping

BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand attended the BBC radio show featured by Newsday, where he elaborated about the various disruptions going on in the current market. Imports from the Far East to the US west coast are currently at the centre of the supply chain emergency, which has also seen a further disruption by closing one of China’s major container ports in Yantian.

Shipping Markets Checkpoint Season 2 - Special Guest Speaker: Jochen Gutschmidt

Peter Sand is joined by Jochen Gutschmidt for the final episode, which focuses on container shipping. Sand and Gutschmidt look into the somewhat crazy and out of control container shipping market. Commodities moved in a box have dominated much of the conversation in 2020, and here is the perfect opportunity to dive down into how, why and where it is going. The two look both on commercial (procurement) and operational (management and optimization) trends. Spanning across short and long-term analyses, giving the viewer insight into the short-term markets and a unique look into the experts forecast for the future.

Meet BIMCO President Sabrina Chao for film launch in support of seafarers

The webinar, hosted by BIMCO’s Secretary General and CEO, David Loosley, Sabrina Chao will talk about her priorities as President over the next two years, followed by the launch of the new film.

Like its predecessor “Ships make the world go”, the second film in the series, “Seafarers deserve support”, has been produced with the aim to raise awareness, this time focusing on our seafarers. During the COVID-19 crisis, the ignorance of policymakers about the important job done by seafarers world-wide has been exposed. Consequently, far too many seafarers have been stuck on ships for many months, unable to go home.

BIMCO Q2 2021 Market Analysis Webinar

The pandemic is still wreaking havoc in large parts of of the world, and while the tanker market is hurting badly, the companies in the container shipping sector are making record profits. In dry bulk, rates are at a 10-year high. But how long will this situation last, and what disruptions to the current state of the market should you keep your eyes out for?

That question, and many others, BIMCO’s chief shipping analyst, Peter Sand, tried answer on 2021’s second instalment of BIMCO’s Shipping Market Overview & Outlook.

Pandemic-driven buying boom causes congestion at US ports

Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst at BIMCO, joins TRT World's Money Talks to discuss container shipping and the supply chain impact of the pandemic-driven buying boom.

Cargo shipping: Chokepoints, trade routes – and a sign of excessive globalization?

Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst at BIMCO, joined the Deutsche Welle, discussing container shipping. The discussion was about the supply and demand of ships and the future aspects of ship sizes, and the risk of global supply-chain disruption.

Shipping Markets Checkpoint Season 2 - Special Guest Speaker: Adam Kent

This episode of the Shipping Markets Checkpoint focuses on a wide-ranging conversation about pan sectoral issues and themes currently playing out. They touched on issues that cross sectors, such as economy, ordering, scrapping and the covid-19 recovery. Spanning across short and long-term analyses, the viewer will get an insight into the short-term markets and a unique look into the experts forecast for the future. Which obstacles are presently in the market, and which can we expect later / or to stick around?

ABS Tanker Talks: What's on the Horizon for Tankers?

In this webinar, BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand and ABS provided a webinar dedicated to the needs of tanker owners. They offered an outlook of the tanker market, and discussed themes such as new construction trends, predicted shipping and trade routes, oil demand forecasts, regulatory effects and much more.

TradeWinds Tanker Shipping Forum: Tanker Vision 2021 - The Future Starts Today

Chief shipping analyst, Peter Sand, started the TradeWind Tanker Shipping Forum by setting the scene with a presentation called "A quiet moment between the last years' storm and the next years typhoons?". In this webinar, he provided insights on the current shipping market and elaborated on the future prospects for the sector. Fundamental supply and demand mechanisms in the tanker market were also discussed.

Successful Just in Time Arrivals

The 3 key elements - Cooperation, Collaboration and Communication.

The successful implementation of a "Just in Time Arrivals" scheme will contribute to helping make ships and ports more efficient while reducing carbon emissions. But success relies on many key stakeholders agreeing to work together to share port and ship data openly and transparently. This BIMCO webinar will explore the challenges that lie between the current “hurry up and wait” regime and Just in Time Arrivals regime where a ship’s arrival time is adjusted to meet a specified date when the berth will be available on arrival. An expert panel representing ports, shipowners, charterers, and agents will discuss overcoming the obstacles to implementing Just in Time Arrivals in the bulk and tanker sector.

This webinar was recorded as part of Singapore Maritime Week 2021

LSLC-BIMCO Webinar on Decarbonisation and Shipping

Climate change is a problem affecting everyone, and almost everything. If this common challenge is to be effectively addressed, significant and rapid change is required across all sectors globally. The shipping industry, which produces over a billion tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, is no exception.

Yet how does an industry heavily reliant on fossil fuel transition to being cleaner and greener? Will the change be driven by regulators, stakeholders, or all concerned? Where do the challenges and opportunities lay, and how may relationships need to be adjusted to accommodate change?

In this seminar we explore the shipping industry’s response to climate change, navigating the fast developing landscape of regulation and action and hearing perspectives from regulators, owners and charterers.

Are we soon back at the pre-pandemic growth trend for seaborne transportation?

Peter Sand was hosted by MDC Titbits to talk about pre-pandemic growth trend for seaborne transportation and when we are back.

The talk focused on Container shipping: continued disruption will ensure carrier profitability well into 2021, Dry bulk shipping: strong start to year ends as slow recovery awaits, Tanker shipping: a tough year ahead as virus mutations and slow vaccine rollout hampers recovery and Macroeconomics: shipping enjoys a higher trade multiplier as 2021 promises a slow recovery.

Bunkering & Shipping in transition – IBIA Conference Series 2021

Peter Sand attended as a panelist in Sesseion three: THREE: Shipping & Freight Markets. 

What can we expect from the Shipping & Freight Markets as 2021 is already on course, but with many unknowns? We have a clearer picture of the year that just passed, where does that leave us in terms of what to expect for the year ahead?

Shipping Markets Checkpoint Season 2 - Special Guest Speaker: Vandana Hari

This episode of the Shipping Markets Checkpoint focuses on the global oil market and how that affects the global oil tanker market. Spanning across short and long-term analyses, the livestream will give the viewer insight into the short-term markets and a unique look into the experts forecast for the future.

Scrubber Installations Double as Bunker Fuel Prices Settle

As the spread between HSFO and LFSO has settled, BIMCO's chief shipping analyst Peter Sand discusses how bunker fuel pricing spread is impacting the uptake of scrubber installations across the world fleet.

Massive operation underway to move wedged cargo ship in Egypt's Suez Canal

BIMCO's chief market analyst, Peter Sand on ABC Radio National Breakfast with Sally Sara.

At least 150 ships waiting as efforts to free Ever Given continue in the Suez Canal

Shipping analyst Peter Sand says much effort is being done to refloat the Ever Given to clear more than 150 ships that are stranded in the Suez Canal.

Container ship stuck in the Suez Canal for over 24 hours

Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst at BIMCO, joins CNBC's Worldwide Exchange to discuss the supply chain impact of the shutdown of the Suez Canal, after a container ship blocked traffic.

Can you find the wealth of information you need on BIMCO’s website?

A quick introduction to the full BIMCO website providing users with an opportunity to optimise their use of  the vast offering of information and advice on

Shipping Markets Checkpoint Season 2 - Special Guest: Simon Ward

The first episode in the second season called "Thinking out loud on what's next for shipping".

Simon Ward joins Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst at BIMCO, for an exciting hour of discussion on the SnP and Dry Bulk markets. Featuring both macroeconomic perspectives with questions such as "Looking back at 2020 and putting the present into perspective, was this as expected – at any point in time?" and but also diving into the specific market of dry bulk with questions like "Should we worry or be cheerful about China entangling itself into multiple trade wars?".

The shipping markets checkpoint – Special Guest Speaker: Mason Hamilton

The forth webinar in our series on the threats and opportunities in a COVID-19 world.

Together with Mason Hamilton, Senior Economic and Policy Advisor for the Office of Oil and Gas of the US Department of Energy, BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst, Peter Sand debated the current events dominating the tanker market. Discussing upon IMO2020 and oil export and import volumes, the two will underline the threats and opportunities facing the tanker market in a COVID-19 world.

Covid, one year on: What's next for agricommodities?

Peter Sand, BIMCO Chief Shipping Analyst, joined an AgriBriefing focusing on agricommodities and how they are faring one year on from COVID.

Market Analysis Webinar

Peter Sand, BIMCO’s chief shipping analyst, shared his insights on the road ahead of us in 2021, and looked back at the last few months for the three main shipping sectors. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a massive influence on the current shipping market, where both consumer and government behaviour push the market in different directions.

GSCW chat recap: How container shipping could evolve in the future

BIMCO's Peter Sand discusses whether container shipping's 'new normal' has legs and what's next for the sector.

Trans-Pacific Ocean Freight Rates

Patrick Berglund, Xeneta's CEO & Co-Founder and Peter Sand, BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst focus on the most recent ocean freight rate developments on the transpacific.

Driving Freight Forward – A digital analytics roadmap to growing the freight markets of the future

Digitalization and connected analytics are essential as freight and commodity trading markets adjust to evolving demand.

Peter Sand were among the leading voices from the freight, shipping, and data analytics industries gathered by Reuters. They discussed market outlook, and how advanced analytics help unearth new opportunities.

Restoring Cross-Border Mobility

Watch the recording of BIMCO’s President Designate, Sabrina Chao, representing the shipping industry in a high level discussion on vaccines, vaccine passes and cross border mobility at the World Economic Forum Davos event on 28 January 2021.

Will the repo rate remain unchanged?

Peter Sand, BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst looks at dry bulk shipping rates surging on MoneywebNow beginning at 12:58 minutes into the podcast.