Successful Just in Time Arrivals: The 3 key elements - cooperation, collaboration and communication

  • 22/04/2021
  • 22/04/2021
  • Webinar
  • Maite Klarup

This BIMCO webinar will explore the challenges that lie between the current “hurry up and wait” regime and Just in Time Arrivals regime where a ship’s arrival time is adjusted to meet a specified date when the berth will be available on arrival.

The successful implementation of a Just in Time Arrivals scheme will contribute to helping make ships and ports more efficient while reducing carbon emissions. But success relies on many key stakeholders agreeing to work together to share port and ship data openly and transparently.

An expert panel representing ports, shipowners, charterers and agents will discuss overcoming the obstacles to implementing Just in Time Arrivals in the bulk and tanker sector.