Free BIMCO webinar on how EU Ship Recycling rules affect international shipping

  • 01/10/2020
  • 01/10/2020
  • Webinar
  • Christian Bækmark Schiolborg

Starting at 11:00 CET 1 October, BIMCO will host a webinar which will reveal the results of its latest study on EU-approved ship recycling yards, and discuss how to manage an Inventory of hazardous materials, as required by the EU, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar is free and will last around 45 minutes including a short Q&A session. It does not require BIMCO membership.

The webinar happens live via Youtube, on BIMCO's Youtube Channel: link to webinar

You can get a notification when it begins via Youtube, and we recommend putting a note in your calendar. There is no official registration. 

As many are aware, important parts of a new EU regulation on ship recycling will enter into force 31 December 2020. The regulation requires all ships of 500 gross tonnes (GT) and above to have an Inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) regardless of the flag they are flying when calling a port or anchorage of a country within the EU.

The problem is that COVID-19 has made it difficult for ships to develop IHMs and comply with the new regulation in a timely manner. So, how should shipowners handle the situation and what has been done from the industry’s side?

40 Recycling yards

Furthermore, since 1 January 2019, all EU-flagged ships must be recycled at an approved recycling yards on the EU list. 
The current version of the list includes less than 40 yards and the draft 7th version is not expected to significantly increase capacity of the yards. In 2019 BIMCO identified that only 9 out of 26 recycling yards approved at that time had physical capacity to recycle large ships.

At the webinar the results of a new study will be revealed. Has the situation changed and how should shipowners handle the situation?

The webinar is hosted by BIMCO’s Manager, Marine Environment, Christian Bækmark Schiolborg and the expert panel will consist of: 

  • Henning Gramann, GSR Services GmbH, Director
  • Robin Townsend, Marprof Environmental Limited, Partner
  • Aron F. Sørensen, BIMCO, Head of Marine Environment