Adapting to ‘New’ New Normal: The Impact of COVID-19

  • 26/05/2020
  • 26/05/2020
  • Peter Sand

The webinar starts at 11:00 BST / 12:00 CEST.  BIMCO’s Peter Sand will engage the audience with how the shipping markets are impacted by the coronavirus and how the industry must adapt to this new normal.

COVID-19 will continue to present a wide range of human and economic challenges in 2020.

In the biggest and most dramatic shake-up to the world economy since the financial crash of 2008, this worldwide pandemic has created one of the most challenging environments for the world to work in and although globalisation is not yet finished, it will certainly be radically altered in the coming years. Unlike in 2008, both supply and demand side has been impacted as Governments put in measures to galvanise economic recovery as soon as possible by freeing economic activity today.

As the most extensive programme of blank sailings takes place to alleviate capacity in this ever-changing environment, ports and terminals are seeing a very sudden and in some cases, a very dramatic drop in container volumes. As many countrys' manufacturing and exports become active again, the long-term impact of the dramatic slump in container volumes has not yet been felt by much of the sector.

In this first ever webinar from TOC Worldwide Digital, discover the in-depth, thought-provoking insights into the true impacts of COVID-19 on the industry and as the world starts to reopen, find out the answer to the question on everyone's lips: What is the roadmap to recovery in 2020-21 and beyond?

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how COVID-19 has created the most challenging environment for logistics, manufacturing and worldwide supply chains
  • Discover the latest insights into the overall impact of COVID-19
  • Grasp what a post COVID-19 maritime sector might look like
  • Walk away with a roadmap to recovery for 2020-21 and beyond

Sand features alongside Lars Jensen, Head of Consulting at Sea-Intelligence.