Webinar: The present and future of biofouling

  • 29/01/2020
  • 29/01/2020
  • Copenhagen
  • Denmark
  • hsse@bimco.org
  • Ashok Srinivasan

Starting at 10:00 CET Ashok Srinivasan, BIMCO Manager, Maritime Safety & Security, will share BIMCO’s perspective on biofouling and offer an outlook of upcoming developments in the area.

As fuel prices rise, it is important for shipowners to ensure that their ships are in the best position to optimise fuel consumption. To do this, biofouling plays an important role. 

The webinar will give members an overview of the present situation, of the increased regulatory focus on biofouling and an idea of what to expect going forward. It will also briefly introduce BIMCO’s initiatives on the topic.

In addition, guest speaker, Simon Doran, Managing Director of Hull Wiper, will share his perspective on biofouling issues and what solutions are available now and in future.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

The webinar is open to BIMCO members only.

If you would like to suggest questions ahead of the webinar, please forward them to:  pr@bimco.org