Seed cake UN 2217


Residue left behind after oil has been extracted from oil-bearing seeds through a solvent process. This entry refers to those solvent extractions, having not more than 1.5% of oil and not more than 11% of moisture. Examples of seed cakes (cereal and cereal products) include those coming from: Bakery materials-Barley Malt Pellets-Beet-Bran Pellets-Brewers grain pellets-Citrus pulp pellets-Coconut-Copra-Corn gluten-Cotton seed-expellers - gluten pellets Groundnuts, meal-Hominy chop-Linseed-Maize-Meal, oily-Mill feed pellets-Niger seed,expellers-Oil cake-Palm kernel-Peanuts-Pellets, cereal-Pollard pellets-Rape seed-Rice broken-Rice bran-Safflowerseed-Seed expellers, oily-Soya bean-Strussa pellets-Sunflower seed. Used as animal feed or fertiliser. Seed cakes are shipped in the form of pulp, meals, cake, pellets and expellers.

IMPORTANT MANDATORY NOTE: this entry does NOT apply to the following materials as they do not meet the criteria for class 4.2 hazard: 

Solvent-extracted rape seed meal, rape seed pellets, soya bean meal, cotton seed meal and sunflower seed meal containing not more than 1.5% oil and not more than 11% moisture and being substantially free from flammable solvent.

A certificate from a person recognised by the competent authority of the country of shipment shall be provided by the shipper, prior to loading, stating that the oil and moisture content of the material is as specified above are met.

Trade Names (Synonyms)
Meal, oily - Oil cake - Press cake - Seed expellers, oily - pulp.


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