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Blue Visby trials demonstrate significant reductions in CO2 emissions

Published: 06 June 2024

The Blue Visby Consortium's recent prototype trials offer a glimmer of hope in reducing maritime emissions. Conducted in March and April 2024, the trials involved ballast voyages of bulk carriers M/V Gerdt Oldendorff and M/V Begonia to the CBH Inc. grain terminal at Kwinana, Australia. The results demonstrated CO2 savings of 28.2% and 12.9%, averaging 17.3%, measured against the vessels' service speeds.

These promising results suggest that the Blue Visby Solution can significantly cut emissions without disrupting voyage planning, operations or the timing of berthing, all of which are left in the hands of the participants. The trials rigorously tested the solution’s software, operational systems, contractual architecture and benefit-sharing mechanism, showing potential for a commercial rollout later this year.

The CBH Prototype Trials, which follow extensive studies and a virtual pilot program, conducted over a period of about two years, are part of a larger effort involving consortium members like Marubeni and the Port Authority of New South Wales, aiming for broader impact. "The CBH Prototype Trials prove the Blue Visby Solution will be central to any effective decarbonisation strategy," said Consortium coordinators Haris Zografakis and Pekka Pakkanen.

The Blue Visby solution provides a multilateral optimisation of the ocean passage for groups of ships heading for the same port. It can be used together with other measures to reduce emissions. All ships regardless of age can benefit from the solution without the need for CAPEX. Stakeholders are incentivised to use the BV solution through its general average-inspired benefits sharing scheme.

While these results are encouraging, the maritime industry has seen many green initiatives sail into rough waters. The real test will be whether the Blue Visby Solution can drive substantial changes across the sector. For now, it remains a promising step towards greener maritime operations.

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Grant Hunter


Grant Hunter

Director of Standards, Innovation and Research

London, United Kingdom