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There is a new version of BIMCO SmartCon and it combines the fast, simple and easy approach from the online version, together with the track changes and comments from Word. The editor is online and you don't need to install anything, the only requirement is that you have the latest version of a modern browser like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Getting setup for BIMCO SmartCon

In order to get a SmartCon account your company must be registered with us. You can do that from this link:
Once your company is setup, you can purchase a SmartCon from My Account, under SmartCon.
There is a one-off start-up fee of €150 for BIMCO members and €250 for non-members.

Each company will then choose which option or package that suits their company.

Available SmartCon options:
SmartCon pricing

*Access: is the amount to pay to access SmartCon.
- Pay-as-you-go is a monthly fee per user with credit card only.
- Subscription is a yearly fee that can be paid with either invoice or credit card.

**Standard contract Final: is the cost to produce the final PDF.
- Pay-as-you-go is paid in advance and with credit card only.
- Subscription will add the cost for finals to the account and send an invoice via email once the set amount is reached (default amount is 100 EUR).
Note that the price per final is for the standard contracts and here are the exceptions to the above standard prices.

BIMCO Members:
- Bills of Lading, Waybills and receipts is €1 with subscription.
- SHIPSALE 22, NEWBUILDCON and DISMANTLECON is €33 with subscription and €132 with Pay-as-you-go
- Norwegian Saleform NSF is €70 with subscription and €250 with Pay-as-you-go

- Bills of Lading, Waybills and receipts is €2 with subscription.
- SHIPSALE 22, NEWBUILDCON and DISMANTLECON is €55 with subscription and €220 with Pay-as-you-go
- Norwegian Saleform NSF is €70 with subscription and €250 with Pay-as-you-go

***Cost from user 11 when ordering less than 5 users at a time, it is with credit card only. For 5 or more can be ordered with credit card or invoice. 

Note: that each user must have a name, and the login belongs to that user, and only that user will get support for that login.

Setting up a SmartCon account

On the ordering page, choose the option or package best suited for your company. In the basket you will decide whether to get an invoice (only for subscriptions) or pay directly with a credit card.

Payment with invoice: You will gain access to setup the users and start a contract within 10 minutes. However, the FINAL option under “Create PDF” will not be available until we receive the payment for the start-up fee and subscription.

Payment with credit card: Everything will be ready within 10 minutes.

The user that purchased SmartCon should receive 2 emails:

1. A Microsoft invitation that needs to be accepted in order to complete the setup of the first user.

2. An intro email on how to get started and how to setup more users.


Users will be invoiced annually and the company will get an invoice for renewal 40 days prior the renewal date.

Finals for the subscription option is not prepaid or included. An invoice will be created by the system every time you reach the amount setup for your company.

If you have usage above € 40, but haven't reached your invoice amount within 3 months, an invoice will also be created.
If you have some usage but haven’t reach the invoice amount within 6 month and invoice will be created for what ever usage you may have.
As long as the invoices are paid within the due date, you will be able to continue the usage of Finals. If an invoice has past the due date, you won’t be able to produce Finals until we receive the payment for the outstanding invoice. 

Casper Broustbo
in Copenhagen, DK

VPS Bunker Alerts

Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) publish regular Bunker Alerts based entirely on fuel samples and have kindly permitted BIMCO’s Members to access this information.

The Bunker Alerts are not intended to be an evaluation of overall bunker quality in the port or area concerned, but usually highlight a specific parameter within the fuel which has raised a quality issue.

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